About Me!!

Hi! I'm Robin! I'm a genderqueer furry from WV! I made this page since I have a lot of nostalgia and love for old internet, and wanted a way to express that and a nice way to talk about stuff I like!

My main interests are video games, the furry fandom, the horror genre, animatronics (ie: Chuck E. Cheese), comics, lost media, cosplay, and tokusatsu! If you're curious about any of those, check out my Shrines, where I talk more about my favorites in length! Or you can check my Readlog, Watchlog, and Gamelogs to see what I've been enjoying recently!!

I collect comics, DVDs and Blu-Rays, and video game consoles! I also have a large amount of stuffed animals and vinyl figures!


Favorite Video Games: The Zelda franchise and Sonic franchises all reign supreme, but also Star Fox 64, Night in the Woods, Animal Crossing series, Portal, and Spider-Man PS4

Favorite Movies: Halloween (1978), Robin Hood (1973), Fantastic Mr. Fox, Scream (1996), Evil Dead II, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

Favorite Comics: Batman: The Long Halloween, Robin: Year One, All-Star Superman, IDW Sonic the Hedgehog, The Amazing Spider-Man, any Moon Knight run

Favorite Musicians: Sufjan Stevens, the Mountain Goats, Vampire Weekend, Say Anything, Mitski

Favorite Colors: Yellows, Purples, and Pinks!